Review : More Than Maybe : Erin Hahn

Title : More Than Maybe

Author : Erin Hahn

Release Date: July 21st 2020

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  Wednesday Books

Page Count : 336

Synopsis via goodreads

Growing up under his punk rocker dad’s spotlight, eighteen-year-old Luke Greenly knows fame and wants nothing to do with it. His real love isn’t in front of a crowd, it’s on the page. Hiding his gift and secretly hoarding songs in his bedroom at night, he prefers the anonymous comfort of the locally popular podcast he co-hosts with his outgoing and meddling, far-too-jealousy-inspiringly-happy-with-his-long-term-boyfriend twin brother, Cullen. But that’s not Luke’s only secret. He also has a major un-requited crush on music blogger, Vada Carsewell.

Vada’s got a five year plan: secure a job at the Loud Lizard to learn from local legend (and her mom’s boyfriend) Phil Josephs (check), take over Phil’s music blog (double check), get accepted into Berkeley’s prestigious music journalism program (check, check, check), manage Ann Arbor’s summer concert series and secure a Rolling Stone internship. Luke Greenly is most definitely NOT on the list. So what if his self-deprecating charm and out-of-this-world music knowledge makes her dizzy? Or his brother just released a bootleg recording of Luke singing about some mystery girl on their podcast and she really, really wishes it was her?


I LOVED THIS DAMN BOOK! Like Erin Hahn should have just at me because DDR scene, 90s music, hallmark references, Vada being the name of our lead, and all together swoonliness just YES. 

I love romance, especially a dual first person narrative. I do find with contemporary romance YA or adult I am sometimes exhausted by the last 20% of the book and ready for the end; or that I like one narrative a lot more than the other. That never happened here. I was hooked into the characters and story the whole time 

The side characters were nicely flushed as well from the friends to the parents. Speaking of parents I loved the story arc both of our leads took with their parental units. 

This book has a little bit of everything. Not just romance but the ups and downs of sibling love. It really took me back to being 18. Five amazing stars! 

I listened to the audiobook as well because when you read a book this great you need to experience it all the ways. 

The story came to life even more! P. J. Ochlan and his swoon accent was amazing. The true star however was Rachel L. Jacobs. When Vada is crying in a certain part of the book Rachel L. Jacobs truly sounded like she was crying but still spoke so clearly. I believed it was really her having all those feelings. Audiobook five stars as well. 

You can’t go wrong by picking up this book!


REVIEW : All Your Twisted Secrets : Diana Urban

Title : All Your Twisted Secrets

Author: Diana Urban 

Release Date: March 17th 2020

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  HarperTeen

Page Count : 400

synopsis via goodreads

Welcome to dinner, and again, congratulations on being selected. Now you must do the selecting.

What do the queen bee, star athlete, valedictorian, stoner, loner, and music geek all have in common? They were all invited to a scholarship dinner, only to discover it’s a trap. Someone has locked them into a room with a bomb, a syringe filled with poison, and a note saying they have an hour to pick someone to kill … or else everyone dies.

Amber Prescott is determined to get her classmates and herself out of the room alive, but that might be easier said than done. No one knows how they’re all connected or who would want them dead. As they retrace the events over the past year that might have triggered their captor’s ultimatum, it becomes clear that everyone is hiding something. And with the clock ticking down, confusion turns into fear, and fear morphs into panic as they race to answer the biggest question: Who will they choose to die? 

All your twisted secrets = amazing. First off I love a breakfast club so of course I had to get my hands on this.

This book was so good. It took me on ride for sure. I’m usually very good at calling the book from the beginning. I didn’t even come close to guessing until right before the reveal. Go in blind. Do not read spoiler reviews!

This was a great debut for the amazing Diana Urban. She has shot up to auto buy for me, I won’t even have to read the blurb before I buy!

The characters where all flushed out super well considering it was a first person narrative I still felt like I got to know everyone.

I can’t say anything else because I don’t want to give things away. BUY THIS BOOK. IT IS SO DAMN GOOD.


REVIEW : Mayhem : Estelle Laure

Release Date: July 14 2020

Author:  Estelle Laure 

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  Wednesday Books

Page Count : 304


A YA feminist mash up inspired by The Lost Boys and The Craft.

It’s 1987 and unfortunately it’s not all Madonna and cherry lip balm. Mayhem Brayburn has always known there was something off about her and her mother, Roxy. Maybe it has to do with Roxy’s constant physical pain, or maybe with Mayhem’s own irresistible pull to water. Either way, she knows they aren’t like everyone else. But when May’s stepfather finally goes too far, Roxy and Mayhem flee to Santa Maria, California, the coastal beach town that holds the answers to all of Mayhem’s questions about who her mother is, her estranged family, and the mysteries of her own self. There she meets the kids who live with her aunt, and it opens the door to the magic that runs through the female lineage in her family, the very magic Mayhem is next in line to inherit and which will change her life for good. But when she gets wrapped up in the search for the man who has been kidnapping girls from the beach, her life takes another dangerous turn and she is forced to face the price of vigilante justice and to ask herself whether revenge is worth the cost.

From the acclaimed author of This Raging Light and But Then I Came Back, Estelle Laure offers a riveting and complex story with magical elements about a family of women contending with what appears to be an irreversible destiny, taking control and saying when enough is enough.


I was excited about this book. I love the 80s and its movies. I LOVE the lost boys and the craft so this one was a no brainer. That being said THIS BOOK WAS SO SLOW; I caught myself wanting to skim to get past things. That is never a good sign. I really wanted to love this but I just did not.

As some of the other reviewers pointed out there is a ton of pieces picked straight from the lost boys. Honestly, I think it wouldn’t have bothered me so much if it at least was as good as the lost boys. I wanted a love letter to 80s but I feel like if we had not been told the date we would not have been able to guess it was the 80s. I think for me what this is lacking that The lost boys is not is the humor and campiness you get in the best of the 80s movies. There was just zero humor here.  

As for the craft being referenced, I agree with my fellow reviewers, I don’t see it. As others said more practical magic vibes.

All in all this is two stars for me. I’m sure this would be a good read for someone who is not familiar with film it was inspired by.


REVIEW AUDIOBOOK: White Hot Kiss : Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: White Hot Kiss

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Narrator : Saskia Maarleveld

Release Date: 04-22-14

Format: Audiobook

Genre : Young Adult, New adult, Paranormal,

Synopsis via goodreads

Layla just wants to fit in at school and go on a date with Zayne, whom she’s crushed on since forever. Trouble is, Zayne treats Layla like a sister—and Layla is a half demon, half gargoyle with abilities no one else possesses. And even though Zayne is a Warden, part of the race of gargoyles tasked with keeping humanity safe, Layla’s kiss will kill anything with a soul—including him.

Then she meets Roth—a demon who claims to know her secrets. Though Layla knows she should stay away, it’s tough when that whole no-kissing thing isn’t an issue. Trusting Roth could ruin her chances with Zayne, but as Layla discovers she’s the reason for a violent demon uprising, kissing the enemy suddenly pales in comparison to the looming end of the world.

WOWOWOWOW okay I KNOW IM LATE TO THIS GAME but this was amazing.

I mean the story line CHECK, the badass female CHECK, the romance CHECK, and the audio CHECK. I am not usually a fan of a love triangle but this one made sense. It felt natural and in my opinion, there is only one person who is clearly going to come out on top. I love our badass hero chick. She has her insecure moments but I really feel like she takes a stand for herself.

ROTH oh my lanta. He is just EVERYTHING.

Audio wise it was great. Saskia Maarleveld is always great. She delivers emotion so well. She has this slight natural rasp to some of her words that I love. I think she was the perfect person to voice this character.



REVIEW and INTERVIEW : The Babysitters Coven : Kate Williams

Author:  Kate Williams

Release Date: September 17, 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  Delacorte Press

Page Count : 368


Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this funny, action-packed novel about a coven of witchy babysitters who realize their calling to protect the innocent and save the world from an onslaught of evil.

Seventeen-year-old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club. She knows it’s kinda lame, but what else is she supposed to do? Get a job? Gross. Besides, Esme likes babysitting, and she’s good at it.

And lately Esme needs all the cash she can get, because it seems like destruction follows her wherever she goes. Let’s just say she owes some people a new tree.

Enter Cassandra Heaven. She’s Instagram-model hot, dresses like she found her clothes in a dumpster, and has a rebellious streak as gnarly as the cafeteria food. So why is Cassandra willing to do anything, even take on a potty-training two-year-old, to join Esme’s babysitters club?

The answer lies in a mysterious note Cassandra’s mother left her: “Find the babysitters. Love, Mom.”

Turns out, Esme and Cassandra have more in common than they think, and they’re about to discover what being a babysitter really means: a heroic lineage of superpowers, magic rituals, and saving the innocent from seriously terrifying evil. And all before the parents get home.


Hello lovely readers! There is an author interview at the end of the review, make sure you check it out!

This book was so much fun! I love witches, girl gangs, and all things nostalgic. If you love those things also then this is the book for you!

It starts with a babysitters club but ends with so much more. These characters where all so much fun. Esme was our narrator and I personally never minded being in her head. She goes on quite the adventure. We see long lasting friendships, new friends, parental relationships, and a tiny bit of romance! The romance is just enough and has a fun end game! The parental relationship angle was great. It added depth and surprises. Cassandra is a wild card and crazy destructive BUT so much fun. JANIS is a goddess. I need say no more than that!

I don’t want to give things away but I really had fun reading this. This gives me sugar and spice and Jawbreaker movie vibes. Very campy in the best nostalgic way. They don’t make movies like this any more or books! THIS WOULD MAKE THE BEST MOVIE/TV SERIES TO BRING BACK THE VIBE. So please give it a chance I don’t think you will be sorry. FIVE STARS

ME: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions. I loved the book! It gave me so many nostalgic moments. What inspired you to write this book?
KATE : I had the title way before I had the book. The Babysitters Coven always just seemed like an obvious pop-culture mash-up that I was surprised no one else had done it yet, and it combines three of my favorite things: teenage heroines x babysitters x witches!
ME: You have a great badass girl gang forming in this book, one I wish I was a part of! They are all so unique. They really jump off the page at you. Are you someone who just writes and lets the story take you? Or do you outline everything before starting?
KATE: I learned the hard way that I have to outline! For the first three years I worked on this book, it went no where because I didn’t know how to construct a plot. So now I make a very detailed outline before I start writing. I usually don’t stick to it, but it gives me a nice framework to come back to if I get stuck. I’m definitely a character-driven writer, though—the characters just appear to me, but then I have to work to give them something to do.
ME: You mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer often in this book. I am a huge Buffy fan so this was fun for me. Are you a big fan? If so who was your favorite and least favorite character?
KATE: I looooved Buffy, even though I was late to the party. I never watched it when it was on TV, but got really into it about 10 years ago. As for characters, I loved Spike—I thought he had really good development and some great lines. I love it when a “bad” character gets to have fun with being bad. I always found Buffy’s mom to be pretty meh, but I think that was because we never really got to know what made her tick.
ME: Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?
KATE: My writing habits are all over the place. I have a 1.5 year old son, so when I can work, I tend to cram as much in as possible and write about 4-6k words a session. It’s not
ideal, but what I have learned about attempting a creative career while parenting is that you have to give up on ideal and be grateful for what you get! I am so thankful that I am able to write, and spend time with my family, and not have to make a choice between the two.
ME : Which of your character(s) would you take with you to spend the night in a haunted house? Why?
KATE: Oh my god, this is such a hard question! Cassandra probably, because she has superpowers and isn’t scared of anything. Janis also isn’t really scared of anything, and while she doesn’t have powers, she’s a really good problem solver. Also, Pig because she’s just a very good girl! That doesn’t really answer the question, but it’s too hard to choose!
ME: How many books do you plan for in this series?
KATE : I just finished the next one, but after that, it’s up to the publishing goddesses (and of course, lovely readers!!).
ME: What are you currently reading?
KATE: I just finished My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix, which I LOVED! It’s kind of like a grown up The Babysitters Coven, and it’s very nostalgic, referential and funny. Reading it felt like staying up late to watch a teen movie on a summer night.
ME : Lastly, the ending. OH MY LANTA the ending. I can’t say too much without spoiling but you know what you did to my non magical girl and it broke my heart, for her and my beloved girl gang. Please tell me you have already started writing the sequel? If so, can you give us a quick synopsis?
KATE : I just finished the second draft of it! There are Sitters, Sitters and more Sitters—Cassandra and Esme get to meet their counterparts from around the country. But there’s also plenty of Janis, Pig and even a little of stupid Dion. 🙂

Kates Bio:

I am a YA write or die, originally from Kansas but now living in California.

I’ve written for Cosmopolitan, NYLON and Seventeen, amongst other magazines, and worked with brands including Urban Outfitters, Vans and Calvin Klein.

The Babysitters Coven is my first novel, but fingers crossed it won’t be my last.


REVIEW : Rebel Girls : Elizabeth Keenan

cover164989-mediumAuthor:  Elizabeth Keenan

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  Harlequin TEEN (US & Canada)
Inkyard Press

Page Count : 384


It’s 1992, and there’s a rumor spreading in Baton Rouge…

When it comes to being social, Athena Graves is far more comfortable creating a mixtape playlist than she is talking to cute boys—or anyone, for that matter. Plus her staunchly feminist views and love of punk rock aren’t exactly mainstream at St. Ann’s, her conservative Catholic high school.

Then a malicious rumor starts spreading through the halls…a rumor that her popular, pretty, pro-life sister had an abortion over the summer. A rumor that has the power to not only hurt Helen, but possibly see her expelled.

Despite their wildly contrasting views, Athena, Helen and their friends must find a way to convince the student body and the administration that it doesn’t matter what Helen did or didn’t do…even if their riot grrrl protests result in the expulsion of their entire rebel girl gang. 

The cover of this book is life. I knew I had to get the ARC for it as soon as I saw it. 

While the book is an overall good read, I have to agree with some of the other reviews I have seen. The title mislead me a tiny bit. I was expecting a give no fucks lead. She gives many fucks. While that was kind of upsetting it also made it seem more realistic to read. High school is the hardest place to be yourself, be confident, and support other people. 

In the start of the book, she was bashing herself and her sister, but as the story continues, she clearly is trying to follow her riot girl rules.  

“I knew what the riot grrrl ideals were. Support girls around you. Don’t be jealous of other girls. Avoid competition with them. Being loud and crying in public were valid ways of being a girl. Being a girl didn’t mean being weak or bad. Claiming your sexuality, no matter what that meant to you, was a good thing. And the revolution was open to anyone.” 

The middle lulled for me. I also saw some of the issues with a certain boy coming. The end however legit made me cry. It was a great way to wrap everything up. Girls coming together to support girls. Overall, it was a good. If you love girl squads and the 90’s pick this one up. Three stars. 


REVIEW : Something Like Gravity : Amber Smith

Title: Something Like Gravity

Author:  Amber Smith 

Release Date: June 18, 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  Margaret K. McElderry Books

Page Count : 400

Genre : Young Adult, Contemporary


For fans of Love, Simon and Eleanor and Park, a romantic and sweet novel about a transgender boy who falls in love for the first time—and how first love changes us all—from New York Times bestselling author Amber Smith.

Chris and Maia aren’t off to a great start.

A near-fatal car accident first brings them together, and their next encounters don’t fare much better. Chris’s good intentions backfire. Maia’s temper gets the best of her.

But they’re neighbors, at least for the summer, and despite their best efforts, they just can’t seem to stay away from each other.

The path forward isn’t easy. Chris has come out as transgender, but he’s still processing a frightening assault he survived the year before. Maia is grieving the loss of her older sister and trying to find her place in the world without her. Falling in love was the last thing on either of their minds.

But would it be so bad if it happened anyway? 

This book was very refreshing. It is a dual POV changing in chapters. The characters never got muddy at all, even if the chapters did not tell you who was talking you would know. They each had such clear distinct voices. 

I loved how much Maia accepted Chris straight out the gate. I feel like it was all done so well. The sex scene was done so well too especially the constant “is this okay” and “you can touch here but not here” felt so accurate. 

I wish that Maia had developed just a little more but hey that’s grief. She is doing her best with a family who is living in denial, it is no wonder she is not healthy or mature. I am very happy that they made some leaps toward the end of the book. 

Chris was so real and authentic. His character development was SO AMAZING that is all. His parents, well mostly mother, made me so damn mad. I was so over them being shitty. The dad tried but should have stood up for him more. Again, though they made leaps at the end of the story but I wish it had happened a little sooner. 

Also the end just gutted me even though it is super realistic. Four Stars.

REVIEW : Killing November : Adriana Mather

Title: Killing November

Author: Adriana Mather

Release Date: March 26 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher: Knopf books for young readers

Page Count : 368

Genre : Young Adult, mystery, AMAZING 

Synopsis via goodreads

It’s a school completely off the grid, hidden by dense forest and surrounded by traps. There’s no electricity, no internet, and an eye-for-an-eye punishment system. Classes include everything from Knife-Throwing and Poisons to the Art of Deception and Historical Analysis. And all of the students are children of the world’s most elite strategists—training to become assassins, counselors, spies, and master impersonators. Into this world walks November Adley, who quickly discovers that friends are few in a school where personal revelations are discouraged and competition is everything. When another student is murdered, all eyes turn to November, who must figure out exactly how she fits into the school’s bizarre strategy games before she is found guilty of the crime…or becomes the killer’s next victim.

I love Adriana Mather so when I saw this I knew I had to request it.

I loved how to hang a witch. I mean LOVED. While haunting the deep wasn’t as great as how to hang a witch it was still very good. Knowing my love for the series THIS WAS BETTER.

Killing November gave me life. There was never a moment where I was bored. It is a winding twisting adventure of a read. It has assassins, secret legions of people, tiny bits of romance, knifes and the amazing goes on.

It had some amazing scenes two of my favorites involved a game played in the dark and a pencil, chair and food. You will know it when you see it.

The story is so fun that I don’t want to say anymore because you should go into this blind it’s so good you won’t be disappointed.

…. Also the end leads me to believe WE WILL HOPEFULLY GET A PICK TWO. This is not a drill! Please book gods let it happen. Thank you netgalley for hooking me up with this amazing read! A billion stars! 


Review : Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee: Jeff Zentner

Title: Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee

Author: Jeff Zentner

Release Date: February 26th 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

Page Count : 400

Genre : Young Adult, Contemporary, AMAZING 

Reviewer : Taylor

Synopsis via Goodreads

Every Friday night, best friends Delia and Josie become Rayne Ravenscroft and Delilah Darkwood, hosts of the campy creature feature show Midnite Matinee on the local cable station TV Six.

But with the end of senior year quickly approaching, the girls face tough decisions about their futures. Josie has been dreading graduation, as she tries to decide whether to leave for a big university and chase her dream career in mainstream TV. And Lawson, one of the show’s guest performers, a talented MMA fighter with weaknesses for pancakes, fantasy novels, and Josie, is making her tough decision even harder.

Scary movies are the last connection Delia has to her dad, who abandoned the family years ago. If Midnite Matineebecomes a hit, maybe he’ll see it and want to be a part of her life again. And maybe Josie will stay with the show instead of leaving her behind, too.

As the tug-of-war between growing up and growing apart tests the bonds of their friendship, Josie and Delia start to realize that an uncertain future can be both monstrous…and momentous. 

I love love love Jeff Zentner. I was lucky enough to get the ARC for goodbye days when it was first going around. That was my first book by Zentner and I was hooked. If you are a fan you know this book is a little different then his usual.

The humor in this book was great. It had great gut punching funny moments and yet still had that classic pull at your heart strings vibe he does so well.

Our two leads Delia and Josie aren’t without flaw though. I felt like Josie was a little vapid but honestly what teenager isn’t? Josie had no life direction and it was killing me! She didn’t know who or what she wanted to be and I just wanted more. That being said that is an extremely real look at what some teens are feeling at the end of there high school career.

Lawson and Arliss are UNSUNG heroes of this story. I love them, they are both in fact the best, and I will fight you if you don’t agree.

The end DID IT FOR ME! I was leaning toward a lower rating for this because I thought Josie was never gonna come full circle but boy did she ever. The end of this book was great. Josie, her mom, BLESS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END!

I think you all should go pick up this book it is a quick fast and fun read. Real rating 3.75 rounding up to 4 for goodreads and netgalley.

Favorite Quote

“This dream, though—the one about finding all the hidden rooms—I think it does mean something. I think it means there’s something great inside me, something extraordinary and mysterious and undiscovered. That’s a thing I tell myself. It’s a thing I believe.”


REVIEW : The Princess and the fangirl : Ashley Poston

Title: The Princess and the Fangirl

Author: Ashley Poston

Release Date: April 2nd 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher: Quirk Books

Page Count : 320

Genre : Young Adult , Contemporary ,Romance, Retellings, Fairy Tales, Pop Culture, Fandom

Reviewer : Taylor

Goodreads synopsis

The Prince and the Pauper gets a modern makeover in this adorable, witty, and heartwarming young adult novel set in the Geekerella universe by national bestselling author Ashley Poston.

Imogen Lovelace is an ordinary fangirl on an impossible mission: save her favorite character, Princess Amara, from being killed off from her favorite franchise, Starfield. The problem is, Jessica Stone—the actress who plays Princess Amara—wants nothing more than to leave the intense scrutiny of the fandom behind. If this year’s ExcelsiCon isn’t her last, she’ll consider her career derailed.

When a case of mistaken identity throws look-a-likes Imogen and Jess together, they quickly become enemies. But when the script for the Starfield sequel leaks, and all signs point to Jess, she and Imogen must trade places to find the person responsible. That’s easier said than done when the girls step into each other’s shoes and discover new romantic possibilities, as well as the other side of intense fandom. As these “princesses” race to find the script-leaker, they must rescue themselves from their own expectations, and redefine what it means to live happily ever after.


I am in fangirl heaven! Ashley Poston is a go to auto buy for me and I love her. When I found out there was going to be a companion novel to geekerella I knew I needed to get my hands on it! Thanks to my amazing friend and co YouTuber we were able to read it early.

I really enjoyed this story and it’s characters. We even got a few cameos of Ell and Dare. I didn’t think I was going to like being in Jessica’s head because like everyone in her life I judged her from the little I knew from the first book. Her story was a refreshing look at coming into your own. Social media can be such a curse sometimes and seeing her overcome was great.

Imogen was also trying to find her self and still has a lot to find. I loved that she learned that it was okay to not have everything filled out. She was geeky and perfect if you ask me!

Ahhh the romance. It was amazing. I wish there was more of a conclusion since it takes place over a four day period. Like an extended epilogue.

All in all I loved it, I love Ashley Poston, and I want more!

Favorite quote

“I’m not just a raindrop in a pond but a comet plunged into the ocean, and I can make waves the size of skyscrapers because I’m not just here, I’m living.”

Four stars!