Review : NOWHERE NEAR YOU : Leah Thomas


Title: Nowhere Near You

Author: Leah Thomas

Release Date:February 7th 2017

Format: eArc

Publisher:  Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Page Count : 400

Genre : Young Adult, Mystery, Fantasy, contemparey, Scifi, LGBTQ

Reviewer : Taylor



Synopsis Via goodreads

Following up her acclaimed debut, Because You’ll Never Meet Me, Leah Thomas continues the stories of Ollie and Moritz in another heart-warming story of unique friendship.

Ollie and Moritz might never meet, but their friendship knows no bounds. Their letters carry on as Ollie embarks on his first road trip away from the woods–no easy feat for a boy allergic to electricity–and Moritz decides which new school would best suit an eyeless boy who prefers to be alone.

Along the way they meet other teens like them, other products of strange science who lead seemingly normal lives in ways Ollie and Moritz never imagined possible: A boy who jokes about his atypical skeleton; an aspiring actress who hides a strange deformity; a track star whose abnormal heart propels her to victory. Suddenly the future feels wide open for two former hermits. But even as Ollie and Moritz dare to enjoy life, they can’t escape their past, which threatens to destroy any progress they’ve made. Can these boys ever find their place in a world that might never understand them?

Thank you  Netgalley and Bloomsbury publishing! Can I give this ten stars? Is that maybe a thing? GUYS this book blew me away. This is the follow up to Because you’ll never meet me which was fantastic. When it comes to books with more the one sometimes the second book ends up dragging. This did not happen.

Nowhere near you had me hooked from start to finish. It still follows the letters between our favorite boys Ollie and Moritz. This installment brings us some new scenery and along with it some new characters. Author was my most favorite new character to meet he was so down to earth I just loved him so much!  Molly and Klaus were just fabulous! We also meet Bridgett, Brian, and some adult characters. I loved them all! These characters brought so much to the story I couldn’t imagine Ollie and Moritz journey without them.

Let’s talk plot, OH MY FREAKING LANTA, I was on a rollercoaster of emotions. First I was happy, hopeful, sad, scared, ALIVE, loving, torn to pieces because nothings right in the world, to hopeful. I would not have had it any other way. This was dare I say it even better than the first which I did not think was possible. I can begin to explain the weight this book holds in my heart now. I need more time with this characters so PLEASE say there will more because that ending. If I am being honest I finished this book and sat in my chair a cried my eyes out. I cried of sadness for a moment but mostly I cried with hope. I could live with this being the end but I hope, pray, and dream there will be more because so many questions are still open.

This was a fantastic read. Everyone needs to get their hands on these books. My heart may never be the same. 5 fluffing  stars


Favorite Quote

“I thought of you calling me good. I thought of you, just you—“

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