Book Madness is here! #BOOKMADNESS17

Book Madness is back and I am so happy to be taking part in it this year! Maggie Ann Martin started this last year and brought it back for a second time! She is explains everything so much better than I ever could so I have linked her post here so you guy’s can get a better understanding!

Now I am so excited to finally announce my character for book madness is MARE BARROW! I know that she is not the most popular YA character but I hope my video will change your minds about her! She is a fierce strong female character who I believe even in a fantasy setting is inherently human!

My better half on Books n’ Buns Denia was not a fan of my choice see post here  b413fe141a5acdcd16625c02a58d3d62_how-to-direct-a-viewers-eye-arrow-pointing-to-the-down-then-left-clipart_660-533


As you can see she was not a fan of the choice BUT she changed her mind after hearing out my points! I want to give a big shout out to Maggie for making this all possible it was so much fun to make this video! Thank you so much!

Get out there and vote for your favorite characters guys!! Hopefully you vote for mine ;D


Watch Here : 

XOXO Taylor



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