REVIEW : Rebel Girls : Elizabeth Keenan

cover164989-mediumAuthor:  Elizabeth Keenan

Release Date: September 10, 2019

Format: E Arc

Publisher:  Harlequin TEEN (US & Canada)
Inkyard Press

Page Count : 384


It’s 1992, and there’s a rumor spreading in Baton Rouge…

When it comes to being social, Athena Graves is far more comfortable creating a mixtape playlist than she is talking to cute boys—or anyone, for that matter. Plus her staunchly feminist views and love of punk rock aren’t exactly mainstream at St. Ann’s, her conservative Catholic high school.

Then a malicious rumor starts spreading through the halls…a rumor that her popular, pretty, pro-life sister had an abortion over the summer. A rumor that has the power to not only hurt Helen, but possibly see her expelled.

Despite their wildly contrasting views, Athena, Helen and their friends must find a way to convince the student body and the administration that it doesn’t matter what Helen did or didn’t do…even if their riot grrrl protests result in the expulsion of their entire rebel girl gang. 

The cover of this book is life. I knew I had to get the ARC for it as soon as I saw it. 

While the book is an overall good read, I have to agree with some of the other reviews I have seen. The title mislead me a tiny bit. I was expecting a give no fucks lead. She gives many fucks. While that was kind of upsetting it also made it seem more realistic to read. High school is the hardest place to be yourself, be confident, and support other people. 

In the start of the book, she was bashing herself and her sister, but as the story continues, she clearly is trying to follow her riot girl rules.  

“I knew what the riot grrrl ideals were. Support girls around you. Don’t be jealous of other girls. Avoid competition with them. Being loud and crying in public were valid ways of being a girl. Being a girl didn’t mean being weak or bad. Claiming your sexuality, no matter what that meant to you, was a good thing. And the revolution was open to anyone.” 

The middle lulled for me. I also saw some of the issues with a certain boy coming. The end however legit made me cry. It was a great way to wrap everything up. Girls coming together to support girls. Overall, it was a good. If you love girl squads and the 90’s pick this one up. Three stars. 

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