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Review : Everything Everything : Nicola Yoon

18692431Title : Everything Everything

Author: Nicola Yoon

Release Date: September 1st 2015

Format: Harcover

Publisher:  Delacorte Books/  Random House

Page Count : 306

Genre : Young Adult, romance, contemporary

Reviewer : Taylor


Synopsis Via Goodreads

My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster.

I finally decided to read this! I had been wanting to but had pushed it back countless times on my TBR. With the trailer having come out this week it was finally time. 

Because spoiler alert the trailer spoilers are plentiful it pretty much spark notes the whole book. 

I really ended up liking this but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. Maddy is sick from a rare disease that know can cure. She has lived her life locked away with very LIMITED social interaction. Her mother is extremely protective and will do anything to keep her alive. Maddy hears the moving trucks and in comes Olly. They talk through the window, exchange emails, and so it begins. All of this I understood but here are some things that threw me off. 
ONE the mom never seemed to do anything to give her daughter a semi normal life. The all white everything, COME ON that is not helpful when trying to keep her spirits up. At first I thought it had to white because it was cleaner Maddy at one point say’s

“In my white room, against my white walls, on my glistening white bookshelves, book spines provide the only color”

BUT then Olly comes in and the girl is buying colored shirts and shoes. WHY did you not do that to start with? I have no idea why this bugged me but at last it did. 

OKAY back on track here I loved Olly and his side plot. I think that his story line was an important one to tell because everyday people who sometimes you would least expect suffer with something like that. The relationship between then was EVERYTHING I loved them. YAY for diverse characters and relationships! I love her realizing that to actually live would be a better adventure then to waste away without knowing life. A lot of people thought that she was selfish for acting that way but I think that having never had a chance to truly live one weekend would be worth the risk. 

The twist ending I kind of saw it coming but I wasn’t sure. I thought a certain someone seemed off the whole time but I wasn’t sure. I still really liked the end again it touched on a tough subject. All in all I really liked this book 4 stars


Favorite Quote

“Spoiler alert : Love is worth everything. Everything”



Reviews, Taylor

Review : The Dragons Price : Bethany Wiggins


Title : The Dragons Price

Author: Bethany Wiggins

Release Date: February 21st 2017

Format: EArc

Publisher:  Crown Books

Page Count : 304

Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy, Scifi, epic, romance

Reviewer : Taylor

Synopsis Via Goodreads

Fans of Julie Kagawa’s Talon and Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn will devour this action-packed fantasy adventure about a girl who chooses to surrender herself to a deadly dragon rather than marry an enemy prince.

When two warring kingdoms unified against a deadly menace laying waste to both their lands, they had to make a choice: vow to marry their heirs to one another, or forfeit their lives to the dragon.

Centuries later, everyone expects the sheltered princess Sorrowlynn to choose the barbarian prince over the fire-breathing beast—everyone, that is, except Sorrow, who is determined to control her own destiny or die trying.

As she is lowered into the dragon’s chamber, she assumes her life is over until Golmarr, the young prince she just spurned, follows her with the hopes of being her hero and slaying the dragon. But the dragon has a different plan. . . .

If the dragon wins, it will be freed from the spell that has bound it to the cave for centuries. If Sorrow or Golmarr vanquish the dragon, the victor will gain its treasure and escape the cave beneath the mountain. But what exactly is the dragon hiding?

There are no safe havens for Sorrow or Golmarr—not even with each other—and the stakes couldn’t be higher as they risk everything to protect their kingdom.

Thanks to Crown Books and NetGalley! Let me just jump right into this one. I had a book hangover from King’s Cage and thought it would be hard to dive into my next read. How could something possibly be enough? WELL this was more than enough.

Sorrowlynn is our princess locked in tower, she lives with an awful prophecy that she will die by her own hand. On her 16th birthday she must be willing to give herself to another kingdom or to the dragon they are cursed by. COME ON PEOPLE who would not be intrigued by this.
Sorrowlynn was a great character. She is super sheltered and does not know much about life. Somehow finds a way to push through that and do crazy things. She thinks about what is good for her and the people around her. We also learn a little about her past and abuse. I think abuse is something that needs to be talked about in all genres of books. So much happens in this book that I need to keep quite so I am trying to be careful with my review.
Golmarr is the male lead in this and I LOVE HIM. He is so swoon worthy. I swear everything about this character is life for me! He is from the other kingdom and takes an interest in Sorrowlynn rather fast. He is curious about the princess who has been locked away. He is a strong character but he is also kind and understanding. He trusts Sorrowlynn and her opinions, he never makes it seem like she cannot protect herself. I loved that about this story! For example he is telling a story saying that he was on his way to do his knightly duty to save the princess laughing with his family but then stops and say’s.
“She had already saved herself.” He was proud of that! I love when we have bad ass females to look up too!
Let’s talk romance! There is insta but not insta love. It is obvious who the OTP is right away BUT it is still slow burn loveliness. I was obsessed with this couple. I thought it would be young and fluffy but it was sexy smoldering but also sweet and beautiful and perfect and GUYS this may be my new favorite OTP. This couple is perfect together. They push each other to be better and listen to each other’s opinions. Never judging each other. Also so refreshing to read no love triangle for the girl! Maybe even a little love triangle with the male but that’s to be seen.
I loved this book the end though was slightly easy to predict but it’s okay with me because I love where this story is going. It had me on the edge of my seat, then laughing, and crying 4.5 Stars because I saw the end coming but 1000000 stars for that damn wonderful romance!


Favorite Quote
“I want you to feel what you do to my heart when I kiss you, Sorrowlynn”