REVIEW : Shadow Run : Adrianne Strickland and Michael Miller


Title: Shadow Run

Author: Adrianne Strickland and Michael Miller

Release Date: March 21st 2017

Format: E Arc

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Page Count : 400

Genre : Fantasy, Young Adult, Epic, Science Fiction

Reviewer : Taylor

Synopsis via Goodreads

Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader. His captain, Qole, is the youngest-ever person to command her own ship, but she brooks no argument from her crew of orphans, fugitives, and con men. Nev can’t resist her, even if her ship is an antique.

As for Nev, he’s a prince, in hiding on the ship. He believes Qole holds the key to changing galactic civilization, and when her cooperation proves difficult to obtain, Nev resolves to get her to his home planet by any means necessary.

But before they know it, a rival royal family is after Qole too, and they’re more interested in stealing her abilities than in keeping her alive.

Nev’s mission to manipulate Qole becomes one to save her, and to survive, she’ll have to trust her would-be kidnapper. He may be royalty, but Qole is discovering a deep reservoir of power—and stars have mercy on whoever tries to hurt her ship or her crew

The blurb for this book left me with some super high hopes and it did not disappoint. There is space travel, shadow, bad ass fight scenes, slow burn romancing, wickedly amazing characters. I count myself very lucky to have gotten my hands on this. I think this book is going to blow up BIG!
The characters and world building are fantastic. I felt like I was truly in these new places while reading this. The architecture felt so real. I could fully envision everything and that is hard to do in SCI-FI novel. On top of that we get to see a good amount of different places so there was a lot of world building being done.
THE CHARACTERS wow I have not loved every core character to the group in a book since six of crows! Qole is our bad ass female lead in this she is strong, smart, fierce, but she is also closed off from people. She has issues she is working through that have caused her to not imagine a future for herself. Watching her grow was amazing. Nev my sweet undercover prince! Can I just first say I AM HERE FOR HIM BEING SENSITVE! He was great bad ass dual blade wielding but also inherently kind. He wants what is best for his people and friends. Nothing could take the kindness from his heart. I really loved that he was the more heart on your sleeve character also because we seldom see men in the profile.
I loved the rest of the crew as well Basra and Arjan are life. I need to know everything there is to know about them! Telu and her bad ass hacking! I love a hacker it is my not so secret wish to be that amazing with hacking! Eton with his stand offish vibe but in the same sentence he is cooking dinner like a boss! Solara, Nev’s sister. I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HER!
Lets’s talk dual POV I loved them both! Usually I find myself liking one POV better and then dying to get back to the one every time it changes. With this though I was happy no matter what. I loved both characters so much I could have lived in their minds forever.
Romance in this is slow burning wonderful. ALL AROUND. Yes yes yes! That is all I am going to say about that. This book was so good. I loved it go buy it now please.
5 stars!
Favorite Quote
BEST (1)


L.E. DeLano : Interview : Author of TRAVELER



Synopsis Via Goodreads

Jessa has spent her life dreaming of other worlds and writing down stories more interesting than her own, until the day her favorite character, Finn, suddenly shows up and invites her out for coffee. After the requisite nervous breakdown, Jessa learns that she and Finn are Travelers, born with the ability to slide through reflections and dreams into alternate realities. But it’s not all steampunk pirates and fantasy lifestyles…Jessa is dying over and over again, in every reality, and Finn is determined that this time, he’s going to stop it… this Jessa is going to live.

I am so excited that L.E. DeLano agreed to stop by our little blog! She is a debut author of Traveler you can find my review here. Spoiler alert it was FANTASTIC! Without our further ado L.E DeLano!

Where did you get the inspiration for your book?

  • When I was eight we were living in England, and I watched an old version of “Alice Through The Looking Glass” on TV (it was the 1974 version, which was really creepy). I happened to pass a mirror afterward and thought it would be cool if there was another ‘me’ on the other side. I stared at my reflection for a long time until – I swear to you – I saw the other me blink. It scared me a lot to the point that I still get a creepy feeling if I catch my reflection out of the corner of my eye.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?

  • Trying to think like a teenage guy is hard. Really hard. At the same time, you don’t want to write your hero as an average teenage guy, either. He’s got to rise above and be more, either from the outset or as the story grows, and it needs to feel organic. It’s a real balancing act.

You have some great diversity going in Traveler which I for one LOVED! We have Danny having autism, Ben being Hawaiian, and one of the Jessa’s is deaf. How important do you think it is in YA that we have diversity in our books?

  • It’s incredibly important! And I think we’re really coming into a time where diversity is being celebrated in all sorts of literature and in all sorts of ways. We’re moving in the right direction, but we still need more voices in those pages.

Who was your favorite character to write? What about your least favorite?

  • Pirate Finn was just oodles of fun. Didn’t really have a character I disliked writing.

Was it difficult to write the alternate realities?

  • Oh, that was the fun part! Think of it – unlimited worlds at your fingertips, and they can be just a little different, or wildly off. In addition, Jessa (and Finn) are a little different in each reality, too. How fun is that? I suppose the difficulty is in reigning yourself in. I had one reality early on where she was going to be part of a traveling circus as a fire-eating high-wire artist! Loads of fun, but it really didn’t advance the story so it got cut.

If it was ever made into a movie who would you want for your main characters?

  • I think Chloe Grace Moretz would be a terrific Jessa. Ben would be Boo-Boo Stewart. Finn’s a little harder. I see Evan Peters or maybe Bob Morely (from ‘The 100’).

NOW after that ending you left us on the cliff dangling by our little pinky fingers I have to ask I know you are currently working on Dreamer which is the sequel can you give us a little tease?

  • I am definitely working on Dreamer. And one of the things you’ll get to read is a story Jessa is writing, based on a memory of her steampunk self. It’s the day that the other Jessa met pirate Finn – their origin story. Here’s a tease:

“Did I startle you, love?”

“This is a private beach,” she replied, trying to sound firm, but failing as his eyes stayed locked with hers. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s a devilish hot day,” he said with a shrug. “This is the only shade on the beach. It’s a good thing you didn’t arrive ten minutes sooner – you’d surely have had your delicate sensibilities offended.”

She felt her spine stiffen. “I’m not delicate.”

“No,” he said, studying her a moment. “I can see that you’re not.”

“You have a name?”

“Captain Finn Gallagher,” he said, getting up from his seat. He swept her a courtly bow.

“Have we met, Mr. Gallagher?” She stared at him, trying to place him, for he seemed familiar somehow, despite his lack of a shirt.

“Now that,” he said, pointing his apple at her, “Is a question, and a good one.” He took one last bite of the fruit before pitching it off into the sand.

“You have an accent,” she said. “Irish?”

“Aye. I’ve taken up a new route – my ship is the fastest solar schooner in port.”

“The tall one? With the tree painted on the mainsail?”

“That’s the one,” he said, grinning. She couldn’t seem to stop staring at the dimple that appeared on one side, just above the curve of his lip.

“It’s a fine ship.” She turned her head to look out to the sea. “I would imagine you’ve had many adventures, with a ship like that.”

“I have,” he agreed, stepping to the edge of the beach and offering a hand to assist her out of the water. “I’ve had a fair few without it, as well. Would you like to hear about them?”

She couldn’t stop the excitement that leapt into her eyes. “I would. I want to hear them all.” She reached her hand out as she drew closer, and he grasped it gently, placing a light kiss on the backs of her fingers. He didn’t let it go.

“My name is Jessamyn,” she said, a little breathlessly. “But my friends call me–”

“Jessa.” He finished. And something inside her shifted at the familiarity of her name on his lips.

Big thank you to L.E. DeLano for taking time to do this interview! THAT TEASER swoon much? I am so ready for book two! I so pictured BooBoo Stewart as well and now Evan Peters MY HEART! Make sure you guy’s check out Traveler it is so worth it! 

XOXO Taylor

About L.E. DeLano 

11916104_1387437388221933_293721876262089672_nL.E. DeLano is a novelist, blogger and autism advocate with a “useless” Theatre degree that has opened doors for her in numerous ways. Though mostly raised in New Mexico, she now calls Pennsylvania home. When she’s not writing, which is almost never, she’s binge-watching Netflix and trying her best not to be an unwitting pawn her cat’s quest for world domination.

Check out her blog here.

Reviews, Taylor

Review : The Dragons Price : Bethany Wiggins


Title : The Dragons Price

Author: Bethany Wiggins

Release Date: February 21st 2017

Format: EArc

Publisher:  Crown Books

Page Count : 304

Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy, Scifi, epic, romance

Reviewer : Taylor

Synopsis Via Goodreads

Fans of Julie Kagawa’s Talon and Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn will devour this action-packed fantasy adventure about a girl who chooses to surrender herself to a deadly dragon rather than marry an enemy prince.

When two warring kingdoms unified against a deadly menace laying waste to both their lands, they had to make a choice: vow to marry their heirs to one another, or forfeit their lives to the dragon.

Centuries later, everyone expects the sheltered princess Sorrowlynn to choose the barbarian prince over the fire-breathing beast—everyone, that is, except Sorrow, who is determined to control her own destiny or die trying.

As she is lowered into the dragon’s chamber, she assumes her life is over until Golmarr, the young prince she just spurned, follows her with the hopes of being her hero and slaying the dragon. But the dragon has a different plan. . . .

If the dragon wins, it will be freed from the spell that has bound it to the cave for centuries. If Sorrow or Golmarr vanquish the dragon, the victor will gain its treasure and escape the cave beneath the mountain. But what exactly is the dragon hiding?

There are no safe havens for Sorrow or Golmarr—not even with each other—and the stakes couldn’t be higher as they risk everything to protect their kingdom.

Thanks to Crown Books and NetGalley! Let me just jump right into this one. I had a book hangover from King’s Cage and thought it would be hard to dive into my next read. How could something possibly be enough? WELL this was more than enough.

Sorrowlynn is our princess locked in tower, she lives with an awful prophecy that she will die by her own hand. On her 16th birthday she must be willing to give herself to another kingdom or to the dragon they are cursed by. COME ON PEOPLE who would not be intrigued by this.
Sorrowlynn was a great character. She is super sheltered and does not know much about life. Somehow finds a way to push through that and do crazy things. She thinks about what is good for her and the people around her. We also learn a little about her past and abuse. I think abuse is something that needs to be talked about in all genres of books. So much happens in this book that I need to keep quite so I am trying to be careful with my review.
Golmarr is the male lead in this and I LOVE HIM. He is so swoon worthy. I swear everything about this character is life for me! He is from the other kingdom and takes an interest in Sorrowlynn rather fast. He is curious about the princess who has been locked away. He is a strong character but he is also kind and understanding. He trusts Sorrowlynn and her opinions, he never makes it seem like she cannot protect herself. I loved that about this story! For example he is telling a story saying that he was on his way to do his knightly duty to save the princess laughing with his family but then stops and say’s.
“She had already saved herself.” He was proud of that! I love when we have bad ass females to look up too!
Let’s talk romance! There is insta but not insta love. It is obvious who the OTP is right away BUT it is still slow burn loveliness. I was obsessed with this couple. I thought it would be young and fluffy but it was sexy smoldering but also sweet and beautiful and perfect and GUYS this may be my new favorite OTP. This couple is perfect together. They push each other to be better and listen to each other’s opinions. Never judging each other. Also so refreshing to read no love triangle for the girl! Maybe even a little love triangle with the male but that’s to be seen.
I loved this book the end though was slightly easy to predict but it’s okay with me because I love where this story is going. It had me on the edge of my seat, then laughing, and crying 4.5 Stars because I saw the end coming but 1000000 stars for that damn wonderful romance!


Favorite Quote
“I want you to feel what you do to my heart when I kiss you, Sorrowlynn”


Review : Traveler : L.E. DeLano


Title: Traveler

Author: L.E. DeLano

Release Date:February 7th 2017

Format: eArc

Publisher:  Swoon Reads

Page Count : 352

Genre : Young Adult, Mystery, Fantasy, Scifi, epic

Reviewer : Taylor


Synopsis Via Goodreads

Jessa has spent her life dreaming of other worlds and writing down stories more interesting than her own, until the day her favorite character, Finn, suddenly shows up and invites her out for coffee. After the requisite nervous breakdown, Jessa learns that she and Finn are Travelers, born with the ability to slide through reflections and dreams into alternate realities. But it’s not all steampunk pirates and fantasy lifestyles…Jessa is dying over and over again, in every reality, and Finn is determined that this time, he’s going to stop it… this Jessa is going to live.

Thank you to NetGalley and Swoon Reads

I tore through this book, I couldn’t put it down every time I tried it kept getting better! Let’s talk some world building here guys she literally recreates reality over over but it is never the same! I could not believe how easy it was to transition and know where I was. It was clear every time we went somewhere new.
I loved the plot with the traveling and different reality’s. I thought it was well done and super clever. That you are you no matter where you go. At least an extension of you. I only had one issue if you can even call it that, if all the different us are a little piece of us how are we in love with one person or are we in love with every extension of that person. I know you can’t understand me read then come talk to me about this bit HAHA well I am not to mad about this because a certain pirate has been all over my mind during this read. Speaking of lets move on.
Characters let me start with Jessa number one. I really enjoyed her and her outspoken witty attitude. I would without a doubt be friends with this girl. She is there for her family and I loved that. Danny is her older brother. He has autism but that does not define him. He was one of my favorite characters. I could just tell and still can tell he knows things that others don’t. In my heart i’m certain he will play a huge role in the second book. Well on the subject of diverse characters we also meet a Jessa who is deaf. It is something I have always wished to see in books. We need characters who are deaf, blind, autistic, we just need more diversity period.
OKAY climbs off soap box. I loved Finn and Ben. Our two main boy characters aside from Danny. We get to meet more than one Finn and my my I could live in a world with multiple hims. To be fair I quite like been a lot also. These characters are swoon worthy for sure! THE END THOUGH wow the end I can’t say anything else. I just need book two already. Like can I beta read please!? Ill take every little chapter one could spare I need more!
I’m babbling at this point GO buy the book you won’t be disappointed. Four stars!

Favorite Quote
“Good meeting you, Finn. Agian.”
“You won’t easily be forgotten, Jessa”




Review : NOWHERE NEAR YOU : Leah Thomas


Title: Nowhere Near You

Author: Leah Thomas

Release Date:February 7th 2017

Format: eArc

Publisher:  Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Page Count : 400

Genre : Young Adult, Mystery, Fantasy, contemparey, Scifi, LGBTQ

Reviewer : Taylor



Synopsis Via goodreads

Following up her acclaimed debut, Because You’ll Never Meet Me, Leah Thomas continues the stories of Ollie and Moritz in another heart-warming story of unique friendship.

Ollie and Moritz might never meet, but their friendship knows no bounds. Their letters carry on as Ollie embarks on his first road trip away from the woods–no easy feat for a boy allergic to electricity–and Moritz decides which new school would best suit an eyeless boy who prefers to be alone.

Along the way they meet other teens like them, other products of strange science who lead seemingly normal lives in ways Ollie and Moritz never imagined possible: A boy who jokes about his atypical skeleton; an aspiring actress who hides a strange deformity; a track star whose abnormal heart propels her to victory. Suddenly the future feels wide open for two former hermits. But even as Ollie and Moritz dare to enjoy life, they can’t escape their past, which threatens to destroy any progress they’ve made. Can these boys ever find their place in a world that might never understand them?

Thank you  Netgalley and Bloomsbury publishing! Can I give this ten stars? Is that maybe a thing? GUYS this book blew me away. This is the follow up to Because you’ll never meet me which was fantastic. When it comes to books with more the one sometimes the second book ends up dragging. This did not happen.

Nowhere near you had me hooked from start to finish. It still follows the letters between our favorite boys Ollie and Moritz. This installment brings us some new scenery and along with it some new characters. Author was my most favorite new character to meet he was so down to earth I just loved him so much!  Molly and Klaus were just fabulous! We also meet Bridgett, Brian, and some adult characters. I loved them all! These characters brought so much to the story I couldn’t imagine Ollie and Moritz journey without them.

Let’s talk plot, OH MY FREAKING LANTA, I was on a rollercoaster of emotions. First I was happy, hopeful, sad, scared, ALIVE, loving, torn to pieces because nothings right in the world, to hopeful. I would not have had it any other way. This was dare I say it even better than the first which I did not think was possible. I can begin to explain the weight this book holds in my heart now. I need more time with this characters so PLEASE say there will more because that ending. If I am being honest I finished this book and sat in my chair a cried my eyes out. I cried of sadness for a moment but mostly I cried with hope. I could live with this being the end but I hope, pray, and dream there will be more because so many questions are still open.

This was a fantastic read. Everyone needs to get their hands on these books. My heart may never be the same. 5 fluffing  stars


Favorite Quote

“I thought of you calling me good. I thought of you, just you—“


BOOKTUBE : Books n’ Buns

Hey guys! I am so excited to announce that my friend Denia and I have started a booktube channel. I am so excited to start posting videos. We will be talking anything YA bookish. Reviews, games, book to film, unboxings, you name it we will be doing it. Please check us out. Let me know if any of you all booktube we would love to subscribe. We are also totally open to doing some mash ups with other booktubers. Any feedback is welcome feedback! 



Review : Carve The Mark : Veronica Roth

30117284Title: Carve The Mark

Author: Veronica Roth 

Release Date: January 17th 2017

Format: Physical Arc

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Page Count : 480

Genre : Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Epic, 

Reviewer : Taylor


Synopsis via Goodreads

Fans of Star Wars and Divergent will revel in internationally bestselling author Veronica Roth’s stunning new science-fiction fantasy series.

On a planet where violence and vengeance rule, in a galaxy where some are favored by fate, everyone develops a currentgift, a unique power meant to shape the future. While most benefit from their currentgifts, Akos and Cyra do not—their gifts make them vulnerable to others’ control. Can they reclaim their gifts, their fates, and their lives, and reset the balance of power in this world?

Cyra is the sister of the brutal tyrant who rules the Shotet people. Cyra’s currentgift gives her pain and power—something her brother exploits, using her to torture his enemies. But Cyra is much more than just a blade in her brother’s hand: she is resilient, quick on her feet, and smarter than he knows.

Akos is from the peace-loving nation of Thuvhe, and his loyalty to his family is limitless. Though protected by his unusual currentgift, once Akos and his brother are captured by enemy Shotet soldiers, Akos is desperate to get his brother out alive—no matter what the cost. When Akos is thrust into Cyra’s world, the enmity between their countries and families seems insurmountable. They must decide to help each other to survive—or to destroy one another.

I was super lucky to get my hands on this. I was very excited when I heard Roth was doing another book so I had my hopes pretty high.

We are on a planet where the nations are divided we have Shotet who are violent and ruled with brutality and then we have Thuvhe which is ruled with peace (the Thuvhe also just agree and seem to not question much). These two nations do not get along. On this planet you have a few who are fate favored and everyone has a currentgift which is unique to each person.

This is a very character driven book so the plot is not very clear, however I really enjoyed that aspect. Cyra is our main female character she is a Shotet royal. I loved her. Her character development is one of the best parts of this book she has a strong outer shell but we get to see so much more from her than that.

Akos is our male lead and he was so much! He is from Thuvhe but has been taken by the Shotet. I loved that he was the soft character. THE BOY BLUSHES ALL THE TIME. It is a great switch to see the male soft and the female as the tough one. It is a good way to help break down gender stereotypes. 

I have seen some threads about the potential racism of this book. I did not see that. The two nations are very different but both have some serious faults that I think is going to be looked into a lot more in the next book. I think they are both on complete different ends of the spectrum to make it obvious that if you combined the thought process of each together it would make for a more well rounded group. I personally liked a lot of the Shotet people more. They are not all described as brutal and heartless. They see beauty and have festivals. I think that the Thuvhe are hiding a lot and in the coming book maybe we are going to find that they are not very good peace loving people but that is just my guess. Its hard to give my opinion with out giving away spoilers. I do not go for books that are racist one of my biggest peeves in YA is that it is not diverse enough. I believe everyone should read and decide for themselves.  

I did have some issues with some things through out the story. First when we met Eijeh he starts off as the strong older brother while Akos is just a small goofy little boy. In the same chapter something bad happens and Eijeh is a big wimp and Akos is all the sudden strong. It just seemed a little sloppy to me. She could have left out the bits about Eijeh being great in the first few pages and just described him as normal. 
My biggest issue was the first 100 pages are hard to get through. I found myself getting bored and sleepy. The first few days reading this was a struggle but if you power through that everything else is so worth it. There is Dual perspectives Cyra is first person while Akso is actually written in third. I did not mind that all, I know some people were not fans.

There is a romance in this and it is a slow build from nothing, to friends, to so much more! So people who hate ISNTALOVE you will not find that here!
All in all I really enjoyed it. I definitely recommended everyone give it chance. On my good reads it got four stairs since you cannot give actual half stars. That being said there was just so much slowness and the beginning and other small things.

I am going to have to go with 3.7 


Favorite Quote